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What We Wish We had Known

To help out the incoming 1Ls we thought we would ask a handful of 2L students one thing they wish they had known, or one thing they wish someone had told them, when they started their journeys a year ago. For any 1Ls reading this, here are a few tips and tidbits which hopefully help you out:

Shyla Melashenko: “soak it in, because the year will go fast, and it is a ton of fun”

Jon Suriano: “go to all the events even if you’re nervous”

Davey K: “You don’t need to put 20 hours in the Foundations I assignment to get a pass”

Molly Chardon: “Failing the first assignment does not mean you aren’t cut out for law school”

Kerrin Rodrigues: “Wish I had known that you’re better o writing practice exams than you are making CANS. Save your time for frameworks”

Daniel Frederiks: “Find what your niche is, and embrace it. Fine one thing that you love and put all of your time into it”

Michelle: “Don’t buy textbooks. Borrow from the library or use CANS. And never read constitution”

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