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Top 10 Achievable Promises a Law Student Can Make to Earn Their Professor’s Respect...

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

...and Succeed in Zoom Classes (#5. is soooooo relatable)

By Rhys Martin

I, like many current Law Students, am trying to prepare best I can for a full term of Zoom based classes in this era of COVID-19. Though some of us gained experience in the world of Zoom with the sudden swap to online delivery last semester, or worked remotely with it during the summer, for many of us it is still an area that brings a certain uncertainty. 1L’s in particular will feel the effects of this new style of Law school. There are a lot of questions we need to ask ourselves and decisions we need to make to ensure our success during Zoom classes. Should I use headphones when in lectures? Where should I set up my laptop? Should I wear a silk dress shirt and immaculately tailored Italian wool blazer to impress and intimidate my classmates? Will my webcam be able to pick up the luxury and individual fibers of the 100% Merino wool? Or should I just wear my tiger onesie and be roasty, toasty warm?

But it isn’t just all about you. As students we also need to consider the hard work of our professors who have spent countless hours changing and preparing their courses to successfully be delivered online and through Zoom. Don’t be an ungrateful ingrate. Showing your respect to professors will both support them and your success in Law school. To that end I have carefully crafted this not at all clickbait top ten list to help you succeed during Zoom classes, show respect to your professors, and to boost the search engine optimization of the newly revamped Moot Times website (

For our readers who are legal professionals, as to not feel too alienated by the following promises just swap “Zoom classes” for “Zoom client meetings” to join on in and further your professional development. So everyone, join me now to make the following achievable promises that are 100% absolutely and undoubtably not guaranteed to ensure you Earn Your Professor’s Respect and Succeed in Zoom Classes.

#1. I promise to get up in the mornings and not attend Zoom classes in bed. For September. Soon as it gets cold outside all bets are off. I care more about being warm than the judgement of my peers.

#2. I promise to not get noticeably drunk during Zoom classes.

#3. I promise to not get distracted by my cat/dog during Zoom classes. Unless they do something extra adorable wike the purrfect wittle angel they are OwO.

#4. I promise that when I check my Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter/OnlyFans/email account(s) during Zoom classes I will actually feel guilty about it.

#5. I promise that I won’t repeatedly disrupt my Zoom breakout room discussions by turning it into a competition to see who grew the biggest sourdough starter this summer.

#6. I promise that the internet issues I have when asked a question in Zoom classes are real, and not me disconnecting my laptop from Wi-fi in panic because I didn’t do the reading.

#7. I promise that I will ensure that my microphone is off before I break down and cry in the middle of Zoom classes. #8. I promise to avoid on camera “wardrobe malfunctions” by wearing pants/leggings/some sort of skirt to Zoom classes. But not jeggings. Jeggings are, and always have been, a mistake.

#9. I promise to subscribe to the Moot Times online, at, and pick up a hardcopy when available so I can stay up to date on the hottest law adjacent information and articles.

#10. I promise to regularly attend Zoom classes on time, do the readings in advance, ask questions, show respect for my professors and fellow classmates, and to have fun.

Well there we go cool cats and kittens, a list of mostly achievable promises that we law students can make to maybe increase our success through this Zoom based semester. Remember that we are all in this together. Take time to breathe, take care of your mental health, drink more water, and remember to subscribe to the Moot Times online and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.* *Editor’s note: The Moot Times does not have accounts on any of these social media platforms. We do have a Facebook page, though.

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