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Student Spotlight: Shakira Yazdani

Hi! I am Shakira Yazdani, a 1L student in the UCalgary Faculty of Law. I am from Afghanistan and recently joined the University of Calgary.

You might have heard myths about the most difficult and stressful field to pursue, Medicine is certainly one of them, and indisputably, so is Law. Law school is known to be the end of peaceful nights of sleep for students around the world; and Canadian law school is no exception. However, hardship makes the man, and the struggle of law school develops various skills to make you a better lawyer, the dream of many which only few can turn into a reality.

My journey towards becoming a lawyer started four years ago when I joined the Law Faculty of the American University of Afghanistan. I worked in the legal field while I was studying in order to learn the practice of law, in addition to the theory taught in school. I was one step away from becoming a lawyer and starting work as an attorney upon my graduation. However, the dream of becoming a lawyer for myself and thousands of other law students in my country remained unrealized when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. I am hesitant to write about the hardships of the evacuation process, living in the least stable condition imaginable, being away from parents still in Afghanistan, and my siblings' refugee statuses in different corners of the world.

Luckily, the chapter of “becoming a lawyer” in my life, unlike many law students of my country, continued. I got my bachelor’s in law and joined the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary in January 2022. Though I have only attended UCalgary classes for a short while, the studying experience at the University of Calgary is like nothing I have experienced before. I have learned that the challenge is real, the studies are hard, I am surrounded by exceptionally knowledgeable people and the competition is on. However, the result is clear. Students from different academic backgrounds with rich work experience have immersed themselves in an intellectually stimulating environment. The classes are taught by professors who are leading authorities in their fields of study. Interaction with people in such an environment and being part of this community makes my learning experience at UCalgary unique. It advances the skills I have developed over my previous four years in law school.

Unfortunately, due to issues with the visa process, I am not able to join in-person classes at UCalgary yet.

To my classmates in Canada, I am ready to be at the top of your friend list upon my arrival. I am looking forward to meeting my future lifetime friends. I would love to learn about the rich Canadian culture. There are a lot of topics that I am curious to research and learn more about, perhaps with the help of other future attorneys and lawyers. I would definitely dive into the world of books at UCalgary’s library. I hope I can refresh the memories of being a law student again.

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