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Letter from the Editor

The Moot Times

Welcome back to law school! 1Ls, this will simultaneously be the best and worst year of your life. 3Ls, you’ll have the same dichotomy depending on articles. 2Ls, the consensus seems to be hell and so far, nothing has persuaded me otherwise.

With September comes a new year for clubs and padding those resumes. Like every year, a generation leaving and a new generation coming in means directions change, execs turn over, and new faces plan the activities that make U of C Law unique. The Moot Times follows suit and our team is committed to grow and reach our potential while remaining the lighthearted and unpretentious newspaper to which we have all become accustomed.

That being said, a new generation brings with it new perspectives, new interests, and the lack of expectations from the norm. The Moot Times should be a reflection of the student experience at U of C and we can only do that with student participation. So, come on board and write what you want to read. As long as its lawful, reliable (and not too malicious), I’ll probably print it. 1Ls jump on board because we have free beer and nachos - and I’ll die one day and leave my legacy to you! 2Ls, I’ve probably already badgered you, but if not, I’m coming! 3Ls, this is your last chance to leave your mark and show your kids your name in a paper – also you know the best Bassam roasts, and I did mention free beer. Just message anyone on our team and we will get you started, we even have a google doc of article ideas if you lost all your creative juices doing readings. I will literally hold your hand. Literally, I would love that level of intimacy.

As an aside, I will also mention that this year the Moot Times is entering the 21st century and is building (note: in progress) a website. This will make all of our old and new issues accessible. Additionally, we are teaming up with the other U of C law clubs to provide a dedicated online space to every club where you can find information about events, members, and general purpose of the club. Our hope is to become the nexus of law clubs and facilitate access and visibility to maximize involvement. So, at some point please check out and see what we’re doing. Make sure you remember the ‘the’ because there is a super outdated Moot Times website from 2011 that won’t respond to our emails, so, yeah, that exists too.

Our exec team this year is full of all super-cool totally-not gunners and are uncomfortably approachable. If you want to steal one of their jobs, we do a very fair system of trial by combat. One last shoutout to outgoing Managing Editor and current law clerk Amy Matychuk who was the Doyle to my Gilmore. We miss her freckled, smiling face and none of us would not have ever joined without her.

With that, I hope everyone has an excellent year and lives their law school careers to the fullest because, like the old joke goes: Law school is terrible…and it’s much too short.

By: Joey Beller

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