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You Should Be Working: …but instead you could start watching Billions

“You Should Be Working” is a recurring feature where I discuss something random I did this month instead of spending my time doing valuable work. I accept no liability for your declining grades should you choose to join me in my procrastination.

We can all agree – binge-watching TV is great. But when you’ve watched one-too-many episodes of Friends on Netflix and read one-too-few cases for tomorrow’s Evidence class, the guilt starts creeping in. Solution: feel less guilty by binge-watching a great legal drama. You’re learning the law while you watch TV. I’m here to solve problems people. You’re welcome.

I recently started watching the TV show Billions and 10/10 would recommend. The plot of season one follows Chuck Rhoades, a US State Attorney trying to prosecute billionaire hedge fund manager, Bobby Axelrod. The show premiered in 2016 so I’m a little behind the times, but if you’re like me and were unaware this show existed, then it’s definitely worth a watch. The pilot found its way into my heart with the wonderful quote, “What’s the point of having f*** you money if you never say f*** you?” Speak your truth, Bobby Axelrod.

One the best features of Billions is that it serves up a heavy dose of drama. It has almost as many “oh snap” moments as a circa-2009 CW network teen drama (RIP Gossip Girl), yet you don’t feel like your brain cells are slowly dying while watching it. It’s like the CW teen drama for 20-somethings who are trying their hand at adulting. It stars Paul Giamatti so you know it’s going to be mature. I can’t name a single other thing he’s in right now, but he’s sophisticated. And so are you.

You can stream seasons 1 through 3 of Billions on CraveTV. That’s 36 hours of “study breaks” in your future. If you are not a CraveTV subscriber, consider borrowing your parent’s login info (or I’m sure you can find other ways to stream TV shows…).

Written By: Aaron Marchadour

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