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Murray Fraser School of Lawcraft and Legaltry

Source: BBC America

So, you’ve received your acceptance letter, you’ve purchased your school supplies, your books, and new clothes. But before law school can begin, you must be sorted into one of the four houses of Murray Fraser. Are you ambitious and cunning, sympathetic and compassionate, bold and just, or pragmatic and patient? Follow the quiz to see where you’ll land after law school!

1. A pedestrian has been hit by a car in front of you, which thought comes first?

a. Existence of driver’s insurance

b. Presence of pedestrian’s family

c. Possible criminal charges for driver

d. Concerns about speed limit and brakes

2. An oil tanker has spilled thousands of gallons in the Bow River, who is the real victim?

a. The corporation who must pay for employee negligence

b. The people who will be forced to avoid the river

c. The employee who will be punished

d. The environment

3. Your grandfather has a real sasshole of a nurse post-surgery, do you...

a. Complain to the nurse’s superiors and file a professional complaint

b. Ensure your grandfather is receiving quality care from other nurses

c. Wait for the nurse to make a mistake and sue them for negligence

d. Check on how long their shift has been and hospital policy

4. You see some kids pocket a candy bar in Crack Macs (RIP), do you...

a. Sell your Nestle stock

b. Give a disapproving look and find their parents

c. Tell the clerk

d. Remind them to recycle

5. You witness a fight outside National, do you...

a. Ignore it and buy shots

b. Wonder about their home life

c. Call the cops and give both fighters your card

d. Shake your head at a lack of CCTV and police presence

6. Your neighbor is constantly keeping their dog tied up outside, do you...

a. Ignore it as long as its fed and doesn’t bark

b. Call the humane society

c. Check the elements of animal abuse and offer your card

d. Adopt it

7. You notice your friend is cheating at golf, do you...

a. Also cheat

b. Tell their spouse it may be a pattern of behaviour

c. Sue them

d. Refuse to play

8. Your partner gets a really bad tattoo, do you...

a. Sue the tattoo shop for allowing a clearly drunk decision

b. Casually mention your friend’s divorce and plant laser removal brochures

c. Sue your partner for making a clearly drunk decision

d. Get the same tattoo and then leave them

9. Some kid keeps doing a cannonball into the hot tub, do you...

a. Sue their parents

b. Call Child and Family Services

c. Call the police

d. Show the kid the rules clearly posted at the entrance

10. Who is your dream client?

a. A yet-to-be formed conglomerate of Suncor, Tesla, Amazon, and Disney

b. A wealthy and impulsive divorcee

c. A wealthy and impulsive divorcee who likes to drink

d. A cross-border Aboriginal group discussing natural resources with the gov’t

Now count up your totals! Answer's below!


If you have mostly a’s, congratulations you are now in House Harper!

  • You are fit to be the next corporate law magnate in Canada. Mergers & acquisitions, patents & trademarks, oil & gas, civil & tax litigation, banking, and in-house work is just a start to your dreams.

If you have mostly b’s, congratulations you are now in House Layton!

  • You are primed to fight for your clients and social issues across the board. Family law, immigration, employment, health law, and the public interest are your forte.

If you have mostly c’s, congratulations you are now in House Sheley!

  • You know the Criminal Code inside and out and fight for justice on both sides. Criminal law, constitutional law, and civil litigation are calling your name.

If you have mostly d’s, congratulations you are now in House Burrows!

  • You love legislative control and caring for the future of all Canadians. Public policy, environmental law, aboriginal law, international law, regulatory law, and politics are up your alley.

Now that you have your house, identify the gunners and get those CAN’s. The House Cup could be yours!

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