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How to Survive Law School Networking Events and Interviews - 10 Tips to Look the Part

How to survive the first month of networking events and interviews without slipping, falling, exposing yourself or feeling generally uncomfortable.

10 tips to look the part:

1. Tailoring

On a student budget it can be hard to establish a wardrobe, however cheaper items can be made to look very expensive by tailoring. A simple sleeve hem, pant hem, nip at the back of a jacket, all can elevate a look.

2. Student Discounts

Like I said, professional clothes on a student budget, not always pretty, however, if you do some research you can find some great stores that offer great student discounts (Banana Republic, Club Monaco, RW&Co., to name a few.). It never hurts to ask!

3. Consignment Shopping

Some of the best, most unique items I’ve gotten, from professional to casual clothes, have been at consignment stores. You can find incredible pieces at steep discounts. I found a Judith & Charles jacket, perfect to go over a simple shift dress for professional events, at a price comparable to an H&M jacket, yet it’s high quality and interesting. Calgary has some excellent consignment stores for both men and women (Danielle’s Consignment, Peacock Boutique, Trend Fashions, Salvedge Boutique, etc.)

4. Practice walking in your shoes

This goes for both men and women. Try on your shoes, walk around, see how they feel. Maybe they are slippery, maybe they make sounds, maybe your heels slip out when you walk in them if you’re wearing certain socks or tights. Figure this out before you’re at a networking event or job interview.

5. Sit down in your outfit before you leave the house.

Maybe when you sit down your shirt puckers out and exposes your bra or chest hair, or both. I have a feeling you’d rather not discover this when you’re at a networking event or job interview.

6. Find a good dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning your clothes may be expensive, but it’s an important part of professional dressing. Get used to it! One tip: sometimes it’s not necessary to have something dry

cleaned, laundering it instead may do the trick and is usually half the price, especially for dress shirts.

7. Be Conservative

Don’t take any major risks with fashion, law school networking events and interviews are not the time or the place. Save it for the Den!

8. Hair & Makeup: Keep it simple

Don’t try out the newest glittery eye shadow trend for a networking event, and if you have a tendency to touch your hair, pull it back.

9. Listen to the Career Office

The Career Office is the clear go-to for all resources required to prepare for networking and

interviews, even related to outfits. Listen to them.


There’s lots of pressure to look a certain way and to fit in, but ultimately be yourself. If you want to wear a red bag with your neutral suit and reasonable shoes. DO IT! I would just discourage a tuxedo t- shirt for the Nexen Mixer… it could/would come across as disrespectful and you wouldn’t want to ruin that gem on the chocolate fountain.

By Sophie Lorefice

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