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Editor’s Note: The Sun is Out and the Snow is Gone

By Athina Pantazopoulos and Glenn McAleer

The snow has melted and the days are getting longer. It’s so lovely to finally be moving into spring after a long winter. As someone deeply affected by weather, I’m feeling just a little bit lighted, even if we are facing the terrifying smoky haze of an early wildfire season and the unpredictable thundershowers of flood season only hours apart. Hopefully, the season will mellow out and we can enjoy a breath of fresh air between all of our summer “adventures” in law firms, articling interviews, and networking meetings.

The start of spring has been a busy time for our contributors. I’ve managed to avoid the smoky haze of the wildfires by retreating to Ontario for articling recruit. While the warm weather has been nice, I feel like I may have entirely missed out on spring in Ontario’s humidity. These last few weeks I’ve taken every opportunity to spoil nice walks with bad golfing. I’m looking forward to coming back to Calgary to share my disdain for the sport I can’t seem to quit with my fellow law students.

Congratulations are in order for all! From 1Ls celebrating the completion of their first set of law school exams, to 2Ls who have finished another year and are working hard to network for articles, to 3Ls who have graduated and are making their way in the legal profession. We at the Moot Times are celebrating with you with this shorter than normal Spring Issue. Between our own summer jobs and the 2L articling recruit, we’ve been a bit bogged down but our team still worked hard to carve out a publication that is full of insight, fun, and legal news. We’re all ready for a summer break, so I hope you take a few moments to relax and flip through a few articles in the spring sunshine.

Whether you’re an incoming 1L, a seasoned 2L, or a 3L with a serious case of being so over it, there’s something in this issue for everyone. Our usual columns are back, along with some fantastic pieces that consider hot-topic issues in the legal sphere, such as the use of artificial intelligence. You should also check out the awesome and relatable comics done by BigLawFail and our spring recipes guide for a bit of fun!

We hope you enjoy our Spring 2023 edition!

Glenn McAleer & Athina Pantazopoulos


The Moot Times

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