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Spring Recipes

By Megan Goldie

Well friends, we made it through the school year! Between the warm weather and the sense of accomplishment I’m feeling after all our hard work, I feel like it’s summer already.

Speaking of the warm weather, who wants to turn on the stove? Not me, so here’s my favourite full-meal salad to be enjoyed with some criminally tasty cocktails.

Ruth’s Salad

Ingredients: 1 head Romaine lettuce 1 can red kidney beans 1 cup shredded cheddar ½ bag of mini tortilla chips 15 mushrooms 1 green pepper diced ½ red onion diced Russian Salad Dressing

- Shred Lettuce

- Dice vegetables

- Rinse beans

- Mix lettuce, chopped vegetables, and beans

- Add dressing to taste and toss well

- Add cheese and tortilla chips, toss again, and serve

Predicate Offence

Colour of Right

1 part Lime Cordial 1 part Lime crème liquer 2 parts Blue Curacao Mix with ice in a cocktail shaker or stir together, pour into shot glasses and enjoy immediately. You can’t get anywhere without the predicate! This one tastes like key-lime pie and has the benefit of being totally legal.

1 Oz Blue Curacao 1 Oz Cherry Whiskey 4 Oz Grapefruit Soda Mix with ice and stir. My phone camera cannot do justice to the gorgeous colour of this drink, you’ll have to try it to see. I have a reasonable belief in my civil claim to this recipe. Unlike the salad.

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