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Which Lady Lawyer Character Has Your Vibes?

By Robin Young

As future lawyers and current law students, it’s always important to be able to have the opportunity to trauma bond over the chaos of the field. In some cases, it’s nice to have the opportunity to relate to fictional lawyers, especially bad a** lady lawyers! Which one has your energy and aesthetic? Take this quiz to find out!

What was your favorite class in 1L?

A. Constitutional

B. Torts

C. Contracts

D. Crime or Legislation

E. Property

What is your favorite event in the school year?

A. The Halloween Mixer or Formal, of course! You love an excuse to get dressed up.

B. The Ski Trip in the spring—it’s a great opportunity to get to know classmates and brush up on some fresh drama.

C. Career Day. You are here on a mission, and your goal is success!

D. Law Show. You love that attention, and you command that attention.

E. Learned Friend—it’s so important to be able to find people to bond with, mentor, and learn from.

What is the worst part of law school for you?

A. The competitive attitudes and fear that your peers are judging you.

B. The constant fear of dating one of your schoolmates or having feelings for them and then having to see them every day for the rest of your career if it doesn’t go well.

C. The overwhelming stress of imposter syndrome and not feeling good enough.

D. Feeling bored in class and barely wanting to show up every day.

E. The stress of networking, exams, and the consistency of working long, hard hours every day.

How do you like to unwind after an exam?

A. Having fun with friends in any capacity I can! Spa days, wine nights, and shopping dates are especially welcome.

B. Going out to clubs with friends to dance out the stress is always necessary.

C. A quiet night at home with a cup of something warm and a good book or TV show would be lovely.

D. If you’re being honest, it’s hard to unwind after an exam, so you’re probably still stressing about it until you get that mark back.

E. Going home to spend time with close friends and family, hopefully not law school related. Nothing against your lawyer friends, but sometimes you need a break!

What helps you drag yourself to class every day?

A. Sheer determination and will. Success means baby steps every day!

B. Being able to see your friends every day and suffer through this with them makes it all worthwhile.

C. Part of your duty of being a good future lawyer is putting in the effort now! You’ll be in class unless you have pro bono or extracurriculars to do.

D. If you’re being honest, you usually find this stuff interesting, but would prefer to be completing SLA or hands-on work.

E. You’re usually missing class and getting notes from other people. The only real way you’d drag yourself in is if it’s an important work day or an exam.

What do you mostly wear to school?

A. It all depends on your mood! Usually something super cute, though.

B. Something comfortable, always. You don’t want to deal with business attire until you’re absolutely forced to.

C. Something smart and classy but not too uncomfortable. You’re prepared to step into an important meeting or spend eight hours stewing in the library.

D. Fashion is your comfort zone. What’s the point of going in public if you aren’t looking your best?

E. Something cute but casual, and you wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but sweats during exam season.

How are you most likely to embarrass yourself at a networking event?

A. Saying something perceived as naïve. They always tell you there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but somehow you always manage to ask them.

B. Simply by being clumsy. You could spill something on your shirt, or you could eat too much of the free food. Either way, you’re the messiest person there, and you are mortified in the morning.

C. Possibly by being quiet for too much of the event or accidentally inferring that you are interested in other opportunities.

D. By being a little too chill and possibly intimidating. You are fierce and focused and sometimes it can be a little nerve wracking.

E. You’re a little too chatty at events and forget to ask the other people questions.

What do you want to do after getting your law degree?

A. You might not be entirely certain what you want to do yet, but you know it’ll be big. You’re working too hard for it not to be!

B. You’re really hoping to be able to excel at working with your clients and helping them succeed.

C. Ultimately, you want to be good at what you do and help people, regardless of what area of law it’s in.

D. You want to be able to practice law but maintain an academic focus. This might lead to another professional degree, or even becoming a professor.

E. You’re not sure if you want to be a lawyer when you graduate—you might opt to use your law degree in a different professional field.

What genre of fiction do you think your time at law school could be described as?

A. A coming-of-age film about you and your friends! You feel like you’ve grown so much already and are so proud of how much they’ve grown too.

B. A comedy, 100%. You’re not sure how you get yourself into these situations!

C. Somewhere between a thriller and a horror movie. You’re scared, but you know you’re the final girl who will come out on top, so you just keep going!

D. A Shonda Rhimes dramatic masterpiece. Nothing can prepare you for the absolute manic energy of law school, but you’re here for it, and you thrive on it.

E. Found family! You appreciate the people around you and adore your comfort zone.

When you look back on law school, what will you be most nostalgic about?

A. Being able to start truly loving and admiring yourself. You admire your friends for who they are, so why shouldn’t you love you?

B. All the fond memories and relationships. You know these will stick with you forever.

C. There’s a part of you that knows the workforce and stress of the legal field will make you lose part of your innocence. You know you’ll miss that.

D. The pride that comes with extracurricular and academic success, and the support you truly feel from your peers throughout.

E. Having a good time in general! You’re not sure if you want to be a lawyer long term, but you know you’ll feel good about the time you had here.

Now tally up the amount of each letter you chose! Whichever letter you chose the most of you give the vibes of the corresponding bada** fictional lady lawyer!

A. Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

B. Ally McBeal, Ally McBeal

C. Kim Wexler, Better Call Saul

D. Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder

E. Sally Carerra, Cars

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