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Summer Recipes

By Megan Goldie

And just like that summer break has slipped away. I feel as though I’m on fast forward and back-to-school is coming at me quicker than I can prepare myself, so this issue I’ll be treating us all to something sweet and easy.


I’m cheating a bit here because it will take you longer than an hour to make due to the low and slow baking time, however the active time preparing the meringue is very short and simple. This is a favourite dessert at my house, and it just reminds me of summer. You can top the meringue with any ingredients you fancy—I usually do berries and whipped cream.


3 large egg whites, separated

¾ cup granulated sugar

2 tsp white vinegar

Assorted berries (or other fruit)

Whipped cream or yogurt


-Separate egg whites (be sure not to include any yolk)

-In a large glass or metal bowl, beat or whisk egg whites until foamy

-Add sugar gradually while beating, until mixture forms soft peaks

-Add vinegar and beat until mixture forms stiff, glossy peaks

-Scrape meringue onto baking tray (I line with parchment paper) and shape as desired

-Bake in oven at 275 degrees F for 2 hours

-Meringue will be crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and quite sweet. Top with your favourite fruit and whipped cream or yogurt.

Savoy Punch

Good news! If your employee loses (or possibly steals) this ring, you’ll only be liable for $1.50!

Relax and savour this fruity summer cocktail and enjoy the time we have left. Or, depending on when you read this, happy back-to-school!


-Pour 1 oz peach schnapps and 1oz raspberry vodka over ice

-Top with sparkling lemonade

-Garnish with maraschino cherry and a ring-pop

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