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Meet our Guest Contributor: Justin O’Connell

Justin O'Connell is a Calgary-based lawyer who has run his own practice, O'Connell Law, since 1996. Savvy at the business end of the law, he also moonlit as a Business Law instructor at Haskayne's school of business. In fact, he was our Editor-in-Chief’s first instructor for a law-type course when she was an undergraduate student. Clearly, he did a great job! He has also taught CPLED courses in the past.

Justin has been a member of the Law Society of Alberta for 26 years, but he would rather you know that he is a self-described "basketball junkie" who actively coaches. If not coaching, he will be talking about "watching ball," which is a foreign language to our EiC. His claim to fame is balling at Duke University's Cameron Indoor Stadium, even though he will always be a Tarheel. Our EiC has no idea what this means, but no doubt there are plenty of fans out there who do! He is pictured here with the legendary Coach K (Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski).

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