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Meet our Guest Contributor: Pfeiffer Exner, Cat Lawyer

Pfeiffer Exner is a world-renowned Cat Lawyer. As she explains to us, the Cat legal system is quite different from our human legal system, and she obtained her credentials simply by declaring them and swearing a very serious Cat Lawyer oath. She helps a broad base of Cat clients in their food stealing, glass-tipping, and plant related defences, and she also represents her clients in their employment matters. She tells us that Cats around the world are underpaid for all their hard work.

Pfeiffer is expanding her legal expertise into human law so that she can advocate for animal rights against animals’ biggest adversary: humans. She may not have been officially accepted into UCalgary Law’s JD program, but she considers herself a student, nonetheless. She studies through her human, Heidi J. T. Exner, who is a current JD/MBA candidate at the University of Calgary. Pfeiffer also remotely assists one of Canada’s premier animal rights lawyers, Victoria Shroff of Shroff & Associates in Vancouver, BC. She says anyone who doesn’t believe that she can do human law is going on her “list” (we are not clear on what this means, but it sounds bad!). She says human law needs more lawyers like Victoria Shroff, and we agree.

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