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You Should Be Working... But Instead You Could Plan Your Next Vacation!

Congratulations – you’ve officially made it over half way through the school year. If you’re like

me and you didn’t make it further than small town Saskatchewan for the holidays (yay…) the

travel bug is probably hitting you hard. To appease myself, much to the despair of my credit

score, I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration for my next vacation. Therefore, if you see me deep in thought at my computer, there’s a low possibility that I’m actually doing real work. Bless up for negotiations not being graded.

Since I found out I’m going to London in August for the International Energy Law tour I’ve been planning what to do with my time off in the city. I’ve only been to London once before so I’m relying heavily on good old TripAdvisor to help me out with my planning. See below for some of my finds.

Where to Eat

I think we can all agree that eating is basically the highlight of living, so this section is hella

important. A quintessential (read: basic) London tourist experience is going out for high tea –

basically the most extra tea party of your life.

If you want to go full glam for your high tea experience (obvs), the Thames Foyer at the Savoy

hotel looks like a good option. Their high tea will set you back a cool £70, which is about $120

(ouch). For that kind of money, you get the full spread. They have over thirty teas to choose

from, their sandwiches feature boujee sounding ingredients like lemon infused crème fraîche

and caramelized Golden Cross goat cheese. Ummm yes, I will have some of that thank you very much.

I know, this tea does not scream student budget. But remember, as much as travelling is about experiencing new things it’s also very much about getting some killer photos to elevate your insta game. So splurge on the $120 tea and be sure to post them photos. You are a KWEEN honey and we need to let the people know.

Where to Stay

That high tea will have the bank account hurting, so let’s look at some more budget friendly-

options for the hotel. See, I’m all about moderation. Having said that, I’m not really a hostel

guy. Shared bathrooms and twin beds? Yeah, it’s gonna be a no for me.

The London House Hotel looks like a reasonable mid-level choice. It’s located in Notting Hill

(cue flashbacks to late-90s romcom gold), is priced at $109 per night, and is rated as the third

best value hotel in London. Perfs.

In her review “laura S” from New York used words like “cold”, “impersonal” and “dark” to

describe the hotel, which honestly sounds perfect to me. I am not here to talk to people. I am

just here to sleep. Sign me up.

London House Hotel

Where to Visit

You have to visit Buckingham Palace, not because it’s particularly exciting, but because if you go to London you can’t NOT visit Buckingham Palace. It’s overcrowded and overrated but, hey, I don’t make the rules.

Speaking of royals, and on a complete tangent, go follow @garyjanetti on Instagram. He’s an

Executive Producer of Will and Grace who posts content as an extremely sassy version of little

Prince George. It gives me life.

Happy travels, friends!

by Aaron Marchadour

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