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Welcome Back!

For the twelfth consecutive year the Moot Times would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the incoming law students. 1Ls, your career and life altering journey has just begun – soon

you’ll know and understand more about our legal world than you ever could have expected.

2Ls, with a year under your belt you are primed to succeed and exceed yours and everyone

else’s expectations, and move into respectable roles within the law school. By this point the 3Ls have stopped reading, so there’s no need for us to mention them.

With the latest school year beginning we would like to extend our warmest invitations to

students of any year to join our club. Everyone is welcome to join. Heck, most of our members

only write one article per semester. All members are invited to the meeting each month regardless of whether they have written for that issue. Very fun time for all. Even if you have no experience writing you are welcome to join. Friends are welcome as well – invite anyone who might be interested! Reach out to Mitch Bringeland for information. English majors who went into law because of a lack of career prospects – this is the club for you. Editors are also needed. B average not required. Eligible students please sign up on club day outside of the student lounge. Emotional, funny, and thought provoking articles are encouraged. Read the rest letter of every sentence for the real reason you should join.

If you’re still undecided then please, at some point, check out our website at to see what we’re doing. If there are any subjects you’d like us to cover, even if you’re not into writing about them yourself, give us a shout and we will denitely try to cover the things you care about. Our coverage has ranged from an interview with a Supreme Court Justice (check the website to read more) to a series of Tide Pod recipes. Basically we’ll publish pretty much anything if you can give us a reason to. We’re gearing up for another round of Paw Wars (details within), so send us your pet pics to win bragging rights and a $50 pet store gift card.

We’re also looking to do a full exec replacement at the end of the year, so any 1Ls with a craving for power or a desperate need for resume llers are invited to join. Any 1Ls who want info are invited to talk to any of Mitch Bringeland, Kerrin Rodrigues, Molly Chardon, or Joey Beller for the inside scoop. That said, best of luck to everyone this year. You’re going to suer, but you’re going to be happy about it.

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