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Top 10 Ways to Spot a REAL Imposter During the Holidays

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

By Heidi J. T. Exner

‘Tis the season to feel crummy! Fa law law la law, la law law law!

Are you experiencing the winter blues? As the fall semester draws to a close and days feel shorter but exam prep hours get longer, imposter syndrome becomes all the more real. It’s rotten, and it can have a crippling effect on our psyches. The next time you let feelings that you do not deserve to be where you are weigh you down, imagine an actual, real-life imposter is walking around Murray Fraser Hall. Not sure how you might spot a real imposter? Here is a handy “Top 10” guide!

(This guy is definitely not a law student.)

  1. Sews “Amicus the red-nosed... owldeer” (?) onto their ugly holiday sweater.

  2. Decorates their tree with gavels.

  3. Does not respond to casual inquiries about how their studies are going by curling up in the fetal position and bursting into tears. (Oof! You too, huh?)

  4. Has mountains of available time in November and December. “Virtual Zumba sessions? Sure!”

  5. Does not understand your joke about holiday commercials being “mere puffery.”

  6. Suspicious looking mustachio… Oh wait, we have lots of those.

  7. No appreciation for well-drafted disclaimers on holiday greeting cards.

  8. Engages in entire social conversations without slipping in something about law school.

  9. Does not consider whether Professor Hinkle may have legally abandoned his hat while watching Frosty the Snowman.

  10. Completes lists in lazy ways (damn, I’m busted!).

See. You’re not an imposter after all! You’re totally and completely normal. You know… for a law student. Now put that chin up, style your weird mustachio, and get out there to rock your day! We’re all cheering for you, even if you don’t know it yet.

PS: Happy holidays, everyone!

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