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The Sound of the Law

By Athina Pantazopoulos

Do you find yourself desperately searching for a playlist to compliment your law school experience? In a time of social isolation, it’s not enough to have your go to study tunes queued up and ready to go, you need a song for all occasions. The Moot Times has you covered, with a playlist full of law-related jams that will keep you motivated!

The Moot Times Presents: Legal Education

1. Here Comes the Judge by Shorty Long

For when you’re fired up to moot

2. Talk to the Lawyer by David Lindley

For when government liability becomes your new obsession

3. Good Morning Judge by 10cc

For when the facts seem to all add up

4. Sue Me, Sue You Blues by George Harrison

For when the assignments seem endless

5. Mister Peepers by Ben Folds

For when you feel like it’s you against the world

6. Defense Attorney by Chemtrail

For when that study mood hits

7. Talk to my Lawyer by Chuck Brodsky

For working through every fact pattern you can find

8. Legal Man by Belle and Sebastian

For when law school becomes more social than studious

9. My Attorney Bernie by Susannah McCorkle

For when you find a great mentor

10. I Fought the Law by The Bobby Fuller Four

For the triumphs and the failures

Listen to the full playlist, Legal Education on Spotify!

Got a playlist recommendation? Know a good song to moot to? Feel free to send your law related tunes to!

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