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The Den Beer Challenge

At this time last year, Palmer and Jonathan didn’t have the slightest idea who each other were. That all changed in the first week of Foundations when they sat next to each other, as they would end up doing all year. Since then a beautiful friendship has formed. A friendship that has seen hundreds of hours spent together in the library, classroom, events, and of course, everyone’s beloved Den. To honor this friendship, the Den, and to get free drinks from the Moot Times, these friends have decided to rank all of the draft beers that the Den-goers from best to worst.

Jon and Palmer will drink all the beers in one night and methodically rank them according to what they believe your go-to order at the Den should be. During the next three months we hope you come along the journey with them as they decide what the greatest Den beer is and get a little deeper into the minds of Palmer Scott and Jonathan Suriano. Get ready to see four

beers ranked each month as they try to decide once and for all which Den beer is best.

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