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Prolympics or Nolympics?


● A fun and unique opportunity that

many people would not otherwise

have a chance to experience in their lifetime

● We may be able to finally upgrade the


● Other important infrastructure

updates/builds such as affordable

housing units and much needed

transit improvements

● Attract investment to Calgary

● Calgary will get international attention

and millions of people will learn more

about our city and country

● Calgarians will have something to

bond over more than just the Stampede

● Legal weed could make this the

chillest Olympics yet

● Projected financial gain for Calgary is

$1.5 billion, and $2 billion for Alberta

● If Canada wins gold in hockey in Calgary,

it would instil civic pride

● It might cost a lot, but this money is

not being taken away from other

matters, it is being generated and

allocated for the Olympics

● We secretly love to watch curling

● Tourism would benefit as more

visitors could come to Alberta

● Non-quantifiable values like a sense of

community, hope, optimism, confidence, and unity


● Will cost Calgarians about $2,000 per

household at projected cost, although

if it overruns on average for winter

games that number could jump to

$11,000 per household, and that

doesn’t even include ‘Dome foams’

● 35 more years of Saddledome memes

● Building new infrastructure is unnecessary

when Calgary already has a vacancy problem

● Horgan will somehow find a way to

block the games at the last minute

● The money could be allocated to

deficits, social or other fiscal needs

● Market for Olympic apparel will not

be big enough to replace oil

● USA might win gold in hockey in Calgary

to our embarassment

● Olympics have highest average cost

overrun of any type of mega-project.

The average is 156% above estimated costs,

and 47% of Games run above 100%. If we overrun at the

average of 156% our financial gains will disappear

● We take this large risk, we spend all

this money, just to watch Shaun White

win (yet) again

● Even more tourists behind your Lake

Louise canoe Insta pics

● In the plebiscite, the majority of the

public voted “no” to hosting. If this still

moves forward despite the (non-binding) vote,

Council has some ass-kissing to do

- By Mitch Bringeland and Alyna Campbell

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