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Paw Wars II: The Dogs Strike Back!

The Moot Times is excited to announce our

second annual PAW WARS competition will

be up and running again this Fall! After the

dramatic single-vote victory by Luna last

year we are determined to grow the competition

even further.

The goal of PAW WARS is simple – ending

arguments between law students by determining

once and for all whose pet truly is

the cutest. The competition is split into a

dog and cat bracket, and in the grand finals

the winner of each side will face o in a

species-crossing contest to determine

which pet deserves the most love. Public

voting will begin later this month when our

finalists are placed in the quarter-finals.

Submit your pets now! The Moot Times will

select the top four dogs and top four cats

to create the brackets – after that it’s up to

you! The winning pet’s owner will receive a

$50 pet store gift card, and the envy of all

of their peers. Submit your pets by emailing

a photo and bio blurb to gerald.bringeland@ Make sure you submit a

cute pic, since not all pets can make the top


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