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On Starting Law School

By Alissar Laham

Property, Constitution, Leg-

Torts, Contracts, Crim-

Gotta stop for coffee this morning

If I hope to not feel dim

Readings on top of readings

Inspired eyes now seeing

Oh, what a feeling

Did I make the right choice?

Well, it’s too late to back out

I’m down 9 grand now

Just praying to keep all this information down

Okay where was I?

Property, Constitution, Leg-

No wait that’s a different sched-

You’ll wish you stayed in bed

When you’re on campus for a Zoom lecture.

Tort, Contracts, Crim-

CANS looking a little thin

Reading week is when I’ll begin

Just joking we’re all perfectionists

Many days already flown past

I sure hope we all pass

But for the time being

I’ll see you in class


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