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MFH Mixology: Secondment from Snow

By Duncan Pardoe

The continued proliferation of COVID-19 and its variants has impaired travel to exciting and warm places, and by extension, undermined our ability to escape the winter chills of the prairie. If you are like me, and experiencing Chinooks is an inadequate substitute to travelling somewhere exotic or tropical, then maybe tasting such a destination can help bridge the gap.

Below are three of my favourite tropical and travel-oriented original creations. Enjoy!

The Invisible Hand

Taste: A rich tropical orange whose semi-sweetness and complexity is liable to be increasingly in demand after each sip.

Ingredients: 40ml Vodka, 20ml Cointreau, 15ml St Germain, 10ml Coconut Water, 3ml Vanilla Extract, 3 dashes of Orange Bitters.

Instructions: Combine the above ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Serve with a twist of orange peel and the Keynesian policy of moderation.

The Grand Corniche

Taste: An avant garde array of fruity and herbal flavours combined into a bright semi-sweet slow sipper; perfect for enjoying a sunset from a terrace overlooking Monte Carlo.

Ingredients: 40ml Hendricks Gin, 20ml Yellow Chartreuse, 15ml Limoncello, 1 dash of Balsamic Vinegar, 2 small stems of Rosemary.

Instructions: Combine the above ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Serve in small sipping glasses garnished with a spring of rosemary and the knowledge that your Monaco earnings are income tax exempt.

The Ex Juris

Taste: A rich and robust array of high-proof flavours with notes of orange, all originating from a plethora of foreign jurisdictions.

Ingredients: 50ml 12yr Scotch, 25ml 12yr Central American Rum, 15ml Grand Marnier, 4ml Vanilla Extract, 3 dashes of U.S. Orange Bitters.

Instructions:Combine the above ingredients into a glass with 3 ice cubes and stir until the ice completely dissolves. Then serve to the opposing party in compliance with Rule 11.25 of the Alberta Rules of Court.

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