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Meet our Guest Contributor: LawProfBlawg

LawProfBlawg is the nom de plume of an anonymous law professor at a top 100 law school. He is well-known for his fierce advocacy to improve the academic landscape for future generations, which means at times his work ruffles a feather or two. Dean Holloway and our Editor-in-Chief both insist he is a real person. They refuse to prove it, but Twitter legend has it that the inset photograph depicts his pinkie finger. Our Editor-in-Chief claims he is an “Adele superfan” and he keeps a life size cut-out of her in his office. We are not sure which is more bizarre: that he would keep this in his office, that she would know about it, or that she would fabricate something of this nature.

You can see his anti-pineapple pizza rants and other musings here. He is way funnier on social media, he claims. Please follow him on Twitter (@lawprofblawg). Dean Holloway strongly encourages you to email LawProfBlawg all your burning questions about life, especially at strange hours, at

Despite his anti-pineapple pizza propaganda, undying love for Adele’s music, and a bizarre penchant for superfluous spaces between his sentences that we had to remove, we are confident he is a wonderful human.

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