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Editor’s Note: Two Heads Take on the Times, our Co-Editors’ Greetings

By: Athina Pantazopoulos and Glenn McAleer

The 2022/2023 academic year brought a lot of changes to the faculty, with some of us seeing our classmate’s faces in person for the first time and the return of on-campus social events. The Moot Times has seen a few changes as well. Our wonderful Editor in Chief of two years, Heidi Exner, passed her title down to two of the Moot Times’ prolific contributors: Athina Pantazopoulos - frequent commenter on social issues in the Legal industry, and Glenn McAleer - writer of our beloved “Ask the Experts” column.

A: We are honestly so excited to welcome you all to a new year of the Moot Times, faithful readers. Our team has picked up a number of talented and enthusiastic new 1L writers, and we have some incredible ideas for how our little Law School magazine can continue to grow.

New school years always fill me with a kind of nervous excitement where I feel simultaneously ready for anything and woefully unprepared. Stepping into the Editor in Chief role with Glenn promises to be the perfect type of challenge to keep that excitement from tapering off as the year progresses.

G: Working on “Ask the Experts” with The Moot Times has provided an outlet to explore my varying legal interests and has showcased the inherent value in having access to leading academics in the field of law through enrolment at the University.

Stepping into the co-Editor-in-Chief role with The Moot Times, I hope to enable other voices in our faculty to have the same privilege and platform that I have enjoyed for the last year, while continuing my Column-specific work. If you or anybody you know may be interested in working with our magazine, be it through a one-time spotlight or recurring column, please direct them our way - we are always looking for more voices on our platform, to live up to our mission of being the voice of Calgary’s future legal profession, and to inspire through the power of communication.

A: That being said, we have a number of new goals for the 2022/2023 year at the Moot Times that we are very excited about. The Moot Times strives to be the voice of the UCalgary Faculty of Law, and we want to make a louder presence for ourselves on campus.

In the new year, we want to hear from our readers, meet with you in person, and offer fun events that engage our new students to the writing and content that the Moot Times strives to achieve.

G: We are also looking to find more homes for our publication across campus and increase collaboration with student groups pertinent to the law school to truly maintain the “by students, for students” nature of our magazine.

In the coming year we look forward to living up to our mission of being the voice of Calgary’s future legal profession, and to inspire through the power of communication.

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