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Crocheting for Law Students

By Athina Pantazopoulos

In an increasingly digital academic world, where so much of the work done by students never leaves the screen in front of you, it can be refreshing to reach for creative pursuits with physical, tangible results. Crochet is one such endeavour; a fulfilling pastime that can be easily picked up in moments when your mind needs a break. Also, when your project is done, you have a new scarf, blanket, sweater to add to your collection or gift to a friend!

The “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” pattern is an easy and stylish crochet pattern that is designed to be incorporated into other larger crochet projects. While this design can stand alone as an art piece or a banner, it is also the perfect design to incorporate into a sweater, throw pillow, or hand towel. This is also a great pattern for beginners to practice skills like single crochet, double crochet, and colour-switching.

This pattern can also be adapted to knitting and cross-stitch, if you prefer. Simply use the grid below to guide your colour-switching.

See the full pattern here!

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